PHYTO-FILLERS EAR “Chudesnik” big

article number: FB-2

Fhyto-filler of natural wax for adults “Chudesnik” is a tool that will effectively help you to get rid of some ear infections , throat and nose. Fhyto-filler is made exclusively of natural components. They will help to get rid of unbearable noise in the ears, eliminate sulfur plugs quickly and painlessly, increase attention, overcome irritation, get rid of stress and nervous tension. A warm procedure will help to normalize blood pressure, enhance the protective functions of the body, and also strengthen sleep. There are two sizes of fhyto-fillers , so they can easily be picked up by people of any age category. In addition, this is an excellent preventive tool that will help to strengthen immunity and to forget about ENT problems.

Indications: chronic fatigue, some ear infections , throat and nose, stressful situations, nervous tension. The remedy will help to remove sulfur plugs, solve hearing problems, get rid of noise in the ears and insomnia.

Contraindications:fhyto-filler is an effective, natural and safe method, so there is no contraindications with the (except of individual intolerance of the components).

In addition: fhyto-filler is a tool with a long history that successfully returns to the life of modern people who sometimes forget about naturalness and nature.