Phyto-candles ear “Chudesnik” small

article number: CS-2

Phyto-candle made of natural wax for children “Chudesnik” it is a remedy that will help to restore and strengthen the health of the whole body. Phyto-candle treats with heat, they are an excellent remedy that does not just warm, but also heals a person. Phyto-candle “Chudesnik” is recommended for everyone who suffers from ENT diseases, they improve hearing, perfectly soften the skin, remove sulfur plugs and are considered an excellent way to get rid of stress and nervous disorders. Phyto-candle is made exclusively of natural ingredients, they are suitable for both children and adults. Phyto-candle “Chudesnik” helps to strengthen immunity, restore lost beauty and health, improve sleep and soothe the body.

Indication: some ear infections, throat and nose, sulfur plugs, sleep problems, nervousness, stress, chronic fatigue.

Contraindications: no side effects.

In addition: phyto-candles “Chudesnik” will help to cope with irritability and warm in any weather. Many patients claim that due to the procedures they were able to get rid of headaches, migraines, dizziness. In addition, this tool contributes to the activation of brain processes, which leads to an increase of mental loads. Phyto-candle is a natural remedy, which has been known for hundreds of years. Now the method is experiencing a second birth, as its effectiveness and impact have been proven for centuries.