MASSAGE CUPS “Chudesnik”

article number: BMP-20

Save the youthfulness of the skin, give it firmness and radiant color – all this can be achieved without leaving home, performing canned facial massage once a week, whose reviews are admiring.

Most women note that the results of exposure become visible after two or three procedures.

Doctors confirm: facial massage with cups, improves skin blood microcirculation, stimulates metabolic processes and helps refines strengthen facial muscles, increases skin turgor, removes toxins and metabolic wastes. Besides, after the sessions of can massage, the natural synthesis of collagen normalizes, lymph flow is restored, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. These factors contribute to the fact that the appearance after a vacuum massage is really significantly transformed, the skin becomes beautiful and rejuvenated. At the same time it does not matter whether the sessions are performed in an expensive massage salon or independently at home. The result will be the same: elastic, clean, smooth facial skin.