MASSAGE CUPS “Chudesnik”

article number: BMPN – 6

Massage cups anti-cellulite “Chudesnik” are produced in three versions: large medium and small diameter.

Massage cups anti-cellulite “Chudesnik” are the most effective remedy against cellulite and excess weight. Now there is no need to visit expensive SPA-salons and take a course of hardware vacuum massage, take a few minutes daily and for a short period of time, cellulite will “run away” from your luxurious body. Massage cups anti-cellulite “Chudesnik” this is an excellent preventive tool. Regularly massage at home and no unsightly “orange peel” will scare you.
Save the youthfulness of the skin, give it firmness and radiant color – all this can be achieved without leaving home, performing facial massage with cups once a week, reviews about which only enthusiastic.
Most women note that the results of exposure become visible after two or three procedures: pores become narrower; the complexion is leveled; the skin becomes soft and velvet; small wrinkles become barely noticeable; the chin line becomes more distinct; puffiness passes.
Doctors confirm: facial massage with cups improves skin blood microcirculation, stimulates metabolic processes and helps refines strengthen facial muscles, increases skin turgor, removes toxins and metabolic wastes. Besides , after the sessions of cups massage, the natural synthesis of collagen normalizes, lymph flow is restored, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. These factors contribute to the fact that the appearance after a vacuum massage is really significantly transformed, the skin becomes beautiful and rejuvenated. At the same time it does not matter whether the sessions were held in an expensive massage parlor or independently at home. The result will be the same: elastic, clean, smooth facial skin.

Indications for use: cellulite, excess weight, flabbiness and lethargy of the skin. Massage with anti-cellulite cups increases blood circulation, restores normal microcirculation, enhances lymphatic drainage. The skin will become smooth, supple, you will quietly get rid of 2-3 extra pounds of weight for a short period of time.

Contraindications: skin diseases, allergic skin irritations, wounds and abrasions.

Additional information: anti-cellulite cups are recognized by many specialists as a “friend” and “helper” for every woman, regardless of age and complexion. Cups are made of high quality plastic, they are safe and convenient, the effectiveness of the method is checked by thousands of women. The use of massage cups is also recommended for bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases.