MASSAGE CUPS “Chudesnik”

article number: BMP-70

Massage cups of large diameter create a double pressure and, accordingly, the efficiency of their use is doubled. Vacuum massage is the method that is considered to be the most effective in combating cellulite and excess pounds, will tighten your skin, make it smooth and supple. Massage will help tighten the sides, remove the sagging tummy, restore elasticity to the skin, which began to sag, for example, due to a sharp decrease in weight, moreover it is an excellent preventative against orange peeling. Massage cups can be used by everyone regardless of age and health status. The effectiveness of massage with vacuum cups is obvious, after a few procedures you will notice the first positive signs: the skin will begin to smooth out, cellulite lumps, tubercles and other troubles will begin to resolve, the general condition of the body will improve.