Electric Warmer “Chudesnik”

article number : Electric warmer standard

– Temperature regulator
– Soft removable cover

The electric warmer is designed for effective thermal warming of body parts, with a soft padding for general warming and relaxation of tired muscles. Maximum embraces necessary for warming up parts of the body, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the warmer. A convenient thermoregulation system provides a constant heating temperature of the product and eliminates the possibility of overheating.
Designed for home use.
Machine wash for the cotton cover.
Pleasant and warm rest for you together with electric heaters “Chudesnik”

Removable cotton cover
Color: coral
AC power supply voltage: 220 V
Current frequency : 50 Hz
Power consumption: 45 W
Heating temperature of surface: not more than 50 ºС
Overall dimensions: 400х500 mm